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Index lets you visually build your own beautiful dashboards with the tools you already use.
Flexible building blocks

Create your own blocks

A block has everything you need to get started.

Example: Want to see a list of Stripe charges? Easy. Add those charges and get the total as a number? Done! Only want to see the last 30 days? Coming up. Could you graph that day by day? You bet!
Surface only what matters

See everything in one place

  • Move faster by bringing all of your data together
  • Tweak your views exactly how you want them
  • Create teams and share projects with them
  • Collaborate with others on the same project
Bring your own tools

Connect your Data

Index allows you to hook up the applications that you already use every day whether it's from databases, 3rd party applications, or APIs!
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Surface only what matters

Filter & Highlight

  • Filter your results by column
  • Set rules to highlight important results
  • Apply the same filters to graphs, tables, lists, and statistics
Bring blocks anywhere

Embed your blocks

Once you build your blocks just the way you want, you can take them and embed them elsewhere in applications like Notion.
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Get inspired

Start with Templates

You can build your own blocks or start with some templates we've made for you. We always keep adding more!

Endless Possibilities

Combine blocks to create beautiful and powerful dashboards.
Business Metrics

What are our goals for this quarter? How many new paid members do we need to hit that mark? Are users churning?

Investor Updates

Need to update investors? Pull in numbers from Stripe or Amplitude. Make comments, set goals, and more!

Operations Overview

How fast are we replying to customers? What's our CSAT score? Do we need to hire a new customer success rep?

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